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Do you need dogsitter or petsitter for your pet? 4H-Dogsitter is trained by local 4H-association and young  have to take a course, before they can work as a Dogsitter. The course takes for couple of months and includes plenty of hands-on exercises and group works. Minimum age limit is 14 to take this course.

A client can order Dogsitter via own local 4H-association (in Tampere it´s Teisko-Tampere (at) The young can work as a walking help for the dog, night- and weekend sitter or as a holiday sitter. Some of our sitters can take pet to own house and 4H-dogsitter can be used also as a dog show assistant.

How to order dogsitter?

First you can send message to teisko-tampere(at) that you need dogsitter. Then you get a list of your dogsitters in your e-mail, after that you can call and ask dogsitter to work. Dogsitter and client talk over details and write contract. 4H-association charges client afterwards according to dogsitters working hour list filled by dogsitter and signed by the client.


4H-DOGSITTER- PRICELIST   (prices includes VAT 24%)

(Walking the dog and keeping company)

                                                          1 dog                  2 dogs                3 dogs                extra

1 h                                                    12 €                    13 €                     14 €                       2€

3-5h                                                  25 €                    27 €                     29 €                    

6-7h                                                  30 €                    32 €                     34 €

8-12h                                                35 €                    37€                      39 €

24 hour-period                                  40 €                    42€                      44 €                      

extra 24 hour-period                         30 €                    32 €                     34 €                              

one week                                        220 €                   222 €                   224 €

Minimum charge is 1h. We also charge 1,5e/bill. Sunday work is double charge.

Underlying other compensations will be paid directly to dogsitter according to dogsitter contract .


- a client will pay according to public transit  

- a client will pay other possible travelling expenses (e.g. taxi to hospital against a receipt)


- eating: own packed lunch or food expenses 3 € per day

- dog marks cleaning (e.g. term to maturity, otherwise unclean etc.) 2 €


- as a dog show assistant client will compensate

                      – travelling expenses (public transit, return)

                      – dog show entrance fee

                      – food expenses once per day

CATs and OTHER ANIMALS: visit/1 h 12 € ,  24 hours 40 €,  a week 220 €