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Allotment gardens in general

Tampere 4H-association rents gardening plots in Tampere. Fields are owned by the city of Tampere. Farming of a gardening plot is nice and inexpensive. Gardening plots are rented for one year as annual plots or for several years as perennial plots. One year plots (and Haihara field) are tilled/cultivated in spring and in autumn by a tractor. The tilling of the perennial plots is is on the farmers responsibility. Annual and perennial plants can be grown in the fields.


Where are the fields located?

The fields are located in Tampere area. Fields for one year are located in Järvensivu, Hikivuori (Kaukajärvi), Koivistonkylä, Rusko, Takahuhti, Irjala and Tohloppi. The fields for several years are located in Haihara (Kaukajärvi), Rusko, Tahmela, Nekala and Vuores. A map of the fields can be found here.

How much is the rent for the fields?


You can see the prices here.


How can I get a gardening field?

Check information for perennial plots from here and for annual plots from here.


How can I get more information about farming in gardening fields?

You can contact Tampere 4H-association in any question about gardening plots. E-mail address is and phone number 040-7019869 (monday-thursday at 10-14).